Privacy Policy

The Data Controller

Consultation of this website involves the processing of personal data referring to identified or identifiable subjects.
The data controller is CASTELLANI SRL, registered office at Via G. GALILEI TRAV. III, 24 25010 San Zeno Naviglio ITALY

Place Where Data is Processed

Website personal data are processed at the registered office of the Data Controller and at the premises of the Provider hosting the website, and are handled by the technical staff commissioned by the Data Controller and Provider or by data handler commissioned occasionally to perform maintenance operations.

Type of Data Handled

Navigation data

During normal operation, computer systems and software procedures used to operate this website acquire personal data, the disclosure of which is implicit when using Internet communication protocols.
Such data are collected to be associated with identified subjects but, due to their nature, they might allow identification of the users through associations with data held by third parties.

Data supplied voluntarily by the user

Personal data sent voluntarily to CASTELLANI via e-mail or on the relevant forms will be handled in accordance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency in order to safeguard the subject’s privacy and rights. These data will only be disclosed to third parties if required to supply the service requested by the user.


The personal data acquired may be used for commercial and promotional purposes, and to compile statistics on the quality of the services rendered, to identify potential customers for each product and service, and to send – by letter, telephone, fax, automated systems, etc. – information of a technical or general nature and of a commercial and promotional nature regarding the products and services of the company or delegated subjects authorised to receive them.

Consent to the despatch of faxes and e-mails can be expressed by entering your fax number or e-mail address in the designated fields, as shown on the data request forms.
Personal data sent voluntarily by the subject may be disclosed to third parties, as specified on the company’s information sheet.

Specific information in summary form will be displayed progressively on the company website covering any future services that are implemented.


COOKIES are not used specifically to acquire personal data. The above websites use CDs. Session cookies are used for statistical purposes only.

Optional Disclosure

In addition to navigation data rights, you are free to supply the personal data requested on the forms provided, and you may also send e-mails to any of the addresses given.

Data Processing Methods

Data processing will take place in compliance with art. 11 of the Data Protection Act by hand and/or with the aid of computers and telematic means. The data may be kept as hardcopy or in electronic files, for the time strictly required. Specific security measures are adopted to prevent the loss of the data, illicit or incorrect use, and unauthorised access.

Communication and Diffusion

The subject’s personal data will not be passed on to anyone else, unless the company is specifically asked by the subject to do so.

Subject's Rights

The subject to whom the personal data refer enjoys the rights specified in art. 7 of the Italian Data Protection Act, including the right to obtain erasure, anonymisation or blocking of data that have been processed unlawfully, and to object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data concerning him/her. Please specify in the “subject” field that the request is made pursuant to art. 7 of the Italian Data Protection Act.

Address for sending requests for erasure or rectification of personal data:




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