About Us

Maurizio Castellani grows up in the women’s fashion, family business, like product manager.

Practising the shooting, he has an intuition: transfer all the know-how of years of job in the clothing for shooting.

“I’ll make not only comfortable vests, but also beautiful!”

So the brand Castellani is born.

Maurizio attends the shooting fields with a now well-known motorhome, he wants to confront fans and champions.

Castellani’s offer continues to expand with clothing and accessories studied for the practice of the shooting and for the free time.

The several Olympic athletes, from the 10 of Sidney to the 110 of London, who wear Castellani’s vests are the testimonials of the reached quality.

The enlargement of the market of Castellani’s brand consolidates with the new e-commerce website and the cooperation with distributors all over the world.

In 2016 the company moves to a new seat to face the challenges of the future.

Castellani is the official provider ISSF.


“The Castellani name is known throughout the shooting world for its stylish, high quality sports clothing and accessories”

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